Zisha Appeal, Cystal Light, and Top Yixing Zisha Clay Teapots

Good Yixing Zisha teapot should have "Zisha Appeal" after long term usage.  This Zisha Appeal is closely related to what ZHOU Gaoqi said about "Guang (Light)": JingGuang, RunGuang, and HeShang (Monk) Guang.


Zhou Gaoqi once said, "Sand pots with crystal light are the best, those with moist light are second, and those with monk light are the most thieves." If the new purple clay pot gives you the feeling of brilliance, it must be a fake of. Good purple sand has crystal light surface, uniform particles, relatively regular distribution, introverted and steady under strong light, and moist to the touch. Runguang is also pretty good, a practical choice. The monk is just a thief, don't look at it, it must be fake

Synonyms: Zisha Appeal, Luster, Patina,  Satiny Sheen

2nd Best -- 润光 RunGuang (Moisture Light)