Modern Era Teapots and Clays (1949-1995)


1) ZiNi Purple Clays

b) Top ZiNi Purple Clay (extremely rare)

c) Culture Revolution ZiNi Purple Clay 文革紫泥 (common)

d) Culture Revolution Mixed Purple Clay 文革拼紫泥 (common)

e) Long fermented ZiNi Clay (rare)

YiXing Zisha Clay Teapot by China Yixing 77-82一厂中国宜兴绿标壶

f) Black Dotted Clay Artificially Made with manganese 黑星土 (common)

On the internet when they say they are Black Dotted Clay , they really means they are Black Dotted Clay Artificially Made with manganese .


g) Black or Deap Grey 青灰泥 (added with manganese, common, but still good authentic clay)

It is still considered authentic because it was the clay of from the official 1st or 2nd factories even though it may has added chemicals (likely manganese) for the pigments. I have quite a few of this kind of clay and they are very good clays and all have very good permeability.

2) Red Clays

ZhuNi Clay Teapots  (extremely rare, most newly made teapots are fake clay)

HongNi Clay Teapots (relatively rare compared to ZiNi )

3) Green Clays

Republic Green 民国绿 (common, but many newly made are chemical teapots)

This clay was created by adding Cobalt Minerals, not Chemicals as commonly used today


4) DuanNi Clays (relatively rare)

mix of Purple and Green clays that exist naturally

5) Five Color Coexistent Clay 五色共生矿 (very rare)