Republic Green clay - Real vs Fake


Republic Green clay is a type of clay created using Green clay with small amount of cobalt mineral. It is very popular in the Republic Era (1912-1949) and also early PR China era. Many great and masterpieces were made during the time.

Masterpieces of Republic Green clay Teapots


The teapot by GAO Haigen has the finest and most tender clay.

Surprisingly, one teapot made by an unknown artist has the exact same clay as used by grand master GAO Haigen. Of course, there are area that can be improved compared with masterpieces above.

YiXing Zisha Clay Teapot by FANG Huaying 方华瑛制民国绿竹节合欢壶

Republic Green clay: Real vs Fake

I recently acquired a pretty teapot that looks like of Republic Green clay until I touched it and it feels too oily and smooth.

Real vs Real vs Fake comparison

Google recommends a "Water flowing test" of authentic Yixing teapot if you search "Yixing clay teapot"

Following the "Water flowing test" of Authentic Yixing teapot recommended by Google, there is no differences among the 3 teapots tested

However, there is obvious dfiferences under 30x magnification glass

Real Yixing teapot under 30x

Real Yixing teapot under 30x

Fake Yixing teapot under 30x magnification


1) Fake Yixing teapot feels very oily and smooth. It shows a smooth surface under 30x magnification when compared with real Yixing clay

2) The "Water drop experiment" failed miserably to identify Fake vs Real Yixing

3) Be sure to start with some real Yixing to have a solid footing.