YANG Pengnian 杨彭年


Yang Pengnian, whose name is Erquan, was a famous artist from Yixing Zisha from Qianlong to Jiaqing in Qing Dynasty. He is good at making tea pots, which are simple and elegant, and pioneered the technique of squeezing the mouth without using molds and concealing the mouth. Although it is made at will, it is also natural. He is also good at engraving, working in official script, and pursuing the taste of gold and stone. He also collaborated with celebrities such as Chen Hongshou (Man Sheng), Qu Ying Shao (Zi Ye), Zhu Jian (Shi Mei), Deng Kui (Fu Sheng), Guo Lin (Xiang Bo, Pin Jia), etc. to engrave calligraphy and painting. Perfect. Known as "Pangnian Pot", "Pangnian Mansheng Pot", and "Pengnian Stone Scoop Pot", they are very famous and have a great influence on later generations.

Chen Mansheng (1768-1830), with the character Zi Gong, the name Manshou, Mangong, etc. Born in Qiantang, Zhejiang Province in the 33rd year of Qianlong, Qing Dynasty, Daoguang died in ten years.

Chen Mansheng combines calligraphy, calligraphy, gold and stone, and painting, and he is also proficient in literary and diction. I got acquainted with Yang Pengnian, Baonian, and Fengnian brothers and sisters, and formed an indissoluble bond with Zisha. Based on the aesthetic standards of literati, he organically integrated the ethereal painting, the sprinkling of calligraphy, and the simplicity of gold and stone into the art of purple clay pots, and designed a large number of pot shapes in a different way: either in the shape of a sculptor, or inherited from all things. The shape is simple, simple and elegant, and it sweeps away the cumbersome and unconventional, making the purple sand art will show another prosperous period in history. This kind of design, manufacture, engraving and engraving many people cooperated with the authors in the circle to independently develop and produce the purple clay pot, which is the "Mansheng Pot" that is talked about by later generations.




There are two legendary Zisha clays: TianQing clay and Black Dotted clay. This is also the primary evidence that this teapot was made by YANG Pengnian.

Please compare with what's on the book and in the museum. It is the same clay. Made of the legendary Black Dotted Clay原矿黑星土. One of the best clays -- secondly only to TianQing clay.

Comparison with the one from the museum:

Similarity: clay, shape

Difference: calligraphy? and mark (mine is AmanTuoshi), size (ours much bigger)

size of this teapot: h60mm, diameter of opening 64mm

size of Shanghai Museum: h37mm, diameter of opening 58mm

size of Huaian Museum: h37cm, diameter of opening 44mm

杨彭年制 陈曼生铭 通高6.0cm 口径6.4cm


Qing YiXing Zisha Teapot by YANG Pengnian of Mixed DuanNi 清道光 杨彭年造五色曠段泥大富汉泉壶

Height: 10cm

壶呈栗色,砂质隐现。造型为方体,敛口,鼓腹,凹足,流短且直,弧形把手,盖为饼平沿深插式,整器形制别致。壶身一侧点塑阳文篆书:“富人大万”四字,另一侧阴刻楷书铭文:“竹里半爐火活” 盖钮顶贴塑阳文铜铖,上刻篆书:“大泉五十。”壶底有一圆形凹面,上钤阳文篆书“杨彭年造”方印。

Yangpengnian 杨彭年陶缘情长曼生铭乳钉壶

YangPengnian 杨彭年阿曼陀室瓢饮提梁壶