SHAO Daheng 邵大亨



For ever a good Teapot is like a beautiful Woman, in 1000 years the best one was by Daheng Only

-- by George Wang, Ph.D.




Gu Jingzhou, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, wrote in "Summary of Yixing Purple Clay Pot Art": "After decades of imagining, I feel that his (Shao Daheng) various types of transmitters can be regarded as masters of sand art, brushing a generation of exquisite craftsmanship. Wind. From his refined selection of clay, aesthetic profoundness in modeling, perfection in creative form, and superb skills, and his reputation is so high that he has won the praise of his times with "no ancients before, no people in the future".

Gao Xi in the Qing Dynasty stated in "Shao Daheng Jun of Ming Hu": "The director of Daheng Shao is non-uniform and elegant, good at antiques, and eager to chase the ancients. He is inferior to the past. The pot, the neck and the abdomen, the flesh and blood. Tingyun, elegant and common appreciation, the ridicule of those who know, the one who knows is said to be late. The mouth is natural, and the length is very ancient. The mouth is straight and tight, although the side is not worried about falling, the mouth is thick and narrow, To prevent it from getting out. The eyes are small on the outside and huge on the inside, like a trumpet shape, and there is no suffocation or obstruction. And the smell and taste will not change over the years. These are the ones that have not been caught before. The tycoon pot has been cherished in the Qing Dynasty and has always been cherished by collectors.

Xu Xiutang said in "The Five Hundred Years of Yixing Zisha": "The art of Shao Daheng's works has been perfected, and he has the spirit of'no ancients before, no comers afterwards', so it is not difficult to identify his transmitter. Looking closely at the work of a tycoon, it can be said that one cent is too fat, and one cent is too thin. All the parts are properly matched, and they can show full energy. Future generations will not only imitate him, but also difficult to reach him. The kind of charm. When the tycoon pot comes into the eye, it gives people a sense of extraordinary tolerance. It looks like its name and is indeed a'tycoon'. At present, it is not difficult for collectors to recognize that fake pots of tycoons often appear in communication.

Daoguang Reign of Qing dynasty 1821-1850)

Comparison with the museum one:

Similarity: shape, clay, even both have similar horizontal lines.

Difference: museum one more heavily used, knob more flat, neck more flat

Qing YiXing Zisha Clay Fish-Turned-Dragon Teapot by Shao Daheng 清嘉庆道光 邵大亨鱼化龙

Picture from "Zisha Museum of China" at . It is classified as "Category I National Treasure" (the highest) by the Chinese government.